Jarkko Kauhanen

The Irish Fly Fair - Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh  
16th & 17th November 2024

Join Jarkko Kauhanen at the Irish Fly Fair

jarkko_kauhanen.jpg The Irish Fly Fair 2024

My name is Jarkko. I have fished since I was little boy. Fly fishing came part of my fishing about 20 years ago. Fly tying came little bit later so I have been tying flies about 15 years now. At the beginning I just watched tying videos from YouTube and self learned, never took any classes. As flytyer I'm a all-rounder tyer. I like to tie realistic bugs to couple material guide flies. But I really enjoy tying dryflies and nymphs that has details and needs precision. I live in Eastern Finland which has brilliant brown trout rivers. Almost every year I fish graylings at Finnish Lapland which has pure water and lots of fish. For chilling and fishing I like to go summer cottage lake and catch perch and other freshwater lake fishes. Nowdays I'm greatful to work with Ahrex, Semperfli and Renomed as a pro team member and with Stonfo as ambassador. I have one fair (Finnish Fly Fair) on my belt before this so I'm so excited to attend this years Irish Fly Fair! Looking forward to meet you all there!

Email: jakendalen@gmail.com

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