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Stuart Hardy - England

Stuart Hardy’s flies span a huge cross-section from Classic Salmon flies tied with vintage materials diligently sourced from around the world - to artistic creations that push the boundaries of the hobby.
At fly tying shows around the world, his passion is to display a timeline of items- from unique vintage fly tying materials -including G M Kelson's Personal tying outfit, fly tying paraphernalia over the last hundred years or so - through to the latest modern interpretations.
His artistic work is inspired by other-worldly images, combined with unusual materials such as butterfly wings and leaves. The focus of his creative interpretations is on texture, a sense of lifelikeness…combined with a balance of natural colours and traditional techniques. Many visitors claim that..”they might fly away”! He designs one off commissions for collectors around the world…but in the real world likes to tie simply little trout flies that catch brown mountain trout in his local Peak District.
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