Roger Enger Lie - Norway

Hi my name is Roger Enger Lie and I live in a town called Elverum, Norway and I’m 32 years old. Elverum is also my place of birth and from the age of 12, I started my fly-fishing career hunting for trout and grayling.

I also enjoyed fishing for perch for a while. I started tying flies when i was 14. Fly tying and fly casting has been an obsession of mine the last ten years. I fish dry flies, nymphs and streamers from time to time.

My favorite is dry fly fishing for char in the clear, Norwegian mountain lakes. This is a real challenge and that’s the way I like it. I work as a teacher and I’m in the Guideline Powerteam in Norway and one of Bugbonds pro tyers. I undertake both fly tying and fly casting instructions for shops that sell Guideline merchandise.

In the summertime, I work as a fly-fishing guide in the river Rena. I tie everything except salmon flies. At shows I tie flies for trout and grayling. In the recent years, I have focused on the great classic catskill style dryflies.
See you at the show!

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