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Paul Hameleers - USA

Paul Hameleers USA at The Irish Fly Fair

Classic salmon Fly By Paul Hameleers USA at The Irish Fly Fair

Classic salmon Fly By Paul Hameleers USA at The Irish Fly Fair

Paul Hameleers USA at The Irish Fly Fair

I started fly fishing at age 16 and soon after tying my own flies for trout. At my young fly fishing career I was living in the Netherlands and fished local rivers. The drive to learn fly tying and the many patterns got my attention and soon I was in a class for beginning tiers at a local club.

I soon moved to Germany for school and fished the beautiful rivers in the south for Trout.  My flies worked well and I started modifying some of the patterns to increase either better floating properties or simplified the pattern.

Trout fishing and trout fly tying became less interesting at age 35 when I discovered the complexity of Atlantic Salmon flies.  My fly tying just became more interesting as I wanted to master and understand the Atlantic salmon fly. 

I was able to purchase all the essential books to start reading the foundation of the salmon fly.  At that time I was mainly fishing for Salmon and steelhead in the USA as I moved to the USA in 1990.  Spey fishing became may passion and spey flies for steelhead became my expertise.  The Atlantic salmon fly still occupied my mind and at age 40 I started to actively tie some Atlantic salmon flies for fishing.
Over the years I believe to have learned to understand the Atlantic Salmon fly and how to tie them for fishing. 
I have been published in Americas Favourite Flies with my own pattern called “ The Medow” what is highly successful on our rivers for Salmon and Steelhead.

I have done many presentations about our river system and the opportunities to fish for salmon and steelhead on the east coast of the USA.
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Classic salmon Fly By Paul Hameleers USA at The Irish Fly Fair


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