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Michael Rebholz - Germany



After my third attempt I became qualified EFFA flycasting instructor in 2009 – and looking back – I only started to really practice flycasting after that. I flycast on about 300 days a year and I really practice it more like others would practice yoga. Perfecting mistakes and casting faults is where I learned the most about flycasting and not by repeating the same casts (and faults) over and over again leading to frustration. The dogma of the tight loop at any price is wrong and sets a lot of anglers under unnessecary pressure. BTW in 80% of the fishing situations its not even needed and I  discovered and found out that what we call in casting so commonly „loops“ are in fact no loops – they are waves. I can and will proof that in my casting  demonstrations on each day at the Irish Fly Fair and I m looking forward to discuss this especially also with fellow flycasting instructors.
I also develloped a new anchor group in speycasting called the "rod born anchor“, "rod born anchor casting“ or short "bonkerspey“ - a new Dloop repopsitioning system that allows the angler to control his line and Dloop formation at all times in all conditions and in very tight spaces. In my opinion deadly and not more difficult to learn than any other speycast – if even easier, as the timing factor is way reduced in rod born anchor casting. Bonkerspey controls as many elements of the cast as possible before even making it, and it never fights the elements. It teaches natural effortlessness, very much desired in great flycasting.
A few new things about flycasting in general came out there and I feel I have the responsibility to share and show some of this knowledge to the fly fishing community. Behind my casting and teaching is a different school of thought – a more relaxed way – and resulting out of that I decided to get together with some independent and professional people to make my own fly tackle. So far we re  making rods and we are looking forward to present them on the IFF 2019. To devellop and design our rods we had especially people involved who cannot cast very well – that is different and we did that because all the other rods on the market are designed from supercasters for supercasters – and i think that is wrong: 80% of the flyfishers out there are just not great casters and therefore the rods (and recommended line ratings) on the market just dont suit them – please excuse my honesty – and don't worry: SPEYNERGY rods will give the angler ample opportunities to develop her or his casting skills far quicker than any other rod out there.
A lot of people take flycasting and flyfishing far to serious and look like they re really working hard when they cast and fish – not my style – the best cast is the one that reaches the target with minimum effort everytime – regardless of "loop“ shape or choice of cast and Speynergy rods are designed to do exactly that and do it for the avarage joe angler, too.
Looking forward seeing you there and hope you ll give our rods a throw and bonkerspey a chance
Cheers and tight lines
Michael Rebholz

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