Leif Ehnström - Sweden

I’m Leif Ehnström, a retired teacher with interest for fly tying and fly fishing.
I began tying trout flies back in 1977 because I liked the looks of the small creatures and after a year or so I also began fly fishing. I still try to make fish catching semi realistic flies, mostly for trout, grayling and char, but now and then I also make a hair wing salmon fly and tube flies.
I live near Norrtälje on the east coast of Sweden and therefore have a long way to go if I want to find wild trout and grayling up in the north. Therefore I often have to fish for rainbow trout, but that’s OK as long as I get a couple of weeks in the mountains or somewhere in Norway each summer. So far my wife Ingrid has given me permission to go.
When I’m not tying flies or is fly fishing I try to paint a little or just spend time with my camera outdoor in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm or in the woods surrounding my home.
You can see more of my fly tying at http://fishingflies.ehnstrom.se although it’s mostly Swedish.
email: leif@ehnstrom.se  







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