Federico Renzi - Italy

I was born 47 years ago in a small town in the middle of Tuscany where I still live with my wife Morena and my children Irene and Francesco. Tuscany is one of the most important wine areas in the world and wine is the second passion of my life, the first is fly fishing, of course. I work as wine maker and agronomist for a dozen of wine houses in Tuscany and Umbria.
I caught the first fish in my life when I was 4 years old and I still remember it! I was making a picnic on a lake with my family and I was really amazed by the fishermen on the bank of that lake. My mother say that my face was too serious for a 4 years old child, “I want to try!” I said, and in few minutes I found on the bank a wooden stick, a piece of nylon, a hook and some worms, in half an hour I cought some little fishes and my life changed.
25 years ago I discovered fly fishing and fly tying and was love at first sight. Our passion is a sort of philosophical tour and our mentors are rivers and fishes, can you imagine better teachers?
In my articles on one of the most important fly magazine in Italy I always put the attention of readers on the aspects of fly fishing which are related with some of the most important philosophical schools of the history: Baumgarten, Aristippo, Eraclito and many others were not fly fishers, but there is something in their thinking that’s the same of fly fishing philosophy. “The gold seeker dimp a lot to find a little” Wrote Eraclito, that’s the same that every man do when he start learning fly fishing.
My favorite type of fishing is matching the hatch and imitate the natural bugs that fishes are eating, I made (and I’m still making) a lot of studies on the mayflies life cycle and how the body of insects changes at every stage, I focused my attention especially on what happen when a ninmph emerge from the shuck and break the superficial film. This is one of the crucial stage of mayflies and one of the most important aspect to imitate, I’m really proud of my transition cripple and dun, they let me catch some fishes that was really impossibile to catch with other patterns.
As you can see my flies are imitative that’s because I think that if a fly (That’s tied to imitate a natural insect) floats well and stay in the water in a good position,  the more is close to a natural bug the more is effective, isn’t it?
For tying my flies I don’t use a lot of materials: Fibettes for tails, peacock or turkey quills for bodies, cdc feathers or sinthetic film for wings, deer hair for legs alwais divided from a tiny strip of foam  and some dubbings.

I also like salt water fly fishing that I discovered something more than 10 years ago. Mediterranean sea can offer a good fly fishing, and I worked to develop some flies that work for the fishing situation I find in mediterranean sea.

Only a fly fisher can understand the magic and the poetry of our sport, I think that fly fishing should be taught at school as any other discipline ……world will be better, don’t you? 
Email: hydrosfera.acquari@gmail.com


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