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Costa - The Clearest Lens on the planet




Costa Del Mar build "the clearest lens on the planet" for those who live to be on the water.

Costa was formed in 1983 when several hardcore fishermen began to realise that the sunglasses they were using weren’t quite up to their hardcore fishing adventures. They decided to create their own and Costa was born! Today they’re mission statement has remained the same, to create the clearest sunglasses on the planet so that you can see view your adventures in absolute clarity whilst protecting your eyes.

As a Professional Game Angling Consultant I highly recommend these sunglasses.

Anglers choose Costa 580’s when performance really matters!
Whether you’re stalking the flats for Bonefish, rock hopping for Bass, spotting monster Carp or just staring at a small dry fly on the surface, "those in the know" choose Costa’s. 580 lens allows you to see through the water to spot fish and other objects clearly.

What makes the 580 lens so innovative?
580 lenses block yellow light at 580nm for enhanced colour and blue light at 400nm to reduce haze and blur. 100% UV blockage and 100% polarized for superior clarity, eliminates haze & blur by blocking blue light.

Why Glass Lens?
Glass has the greatest clarity and scratch resistance. Plus, Costa LightWAVE™ glass is thinner & lighter than average polarized glass.

Costa Del Mar still produce the 400 Glass series, this quality put Costa on the map and still outperforms the competition, available to "special order". 400 lenses offer optically clear and sharp definition cutting through the glare, only bettered by their 580 series

If you are interested in stocking Costa Sunglasses or for more information, please contact me at

Stevie Munn
Costa Representative
Game Angling Consultant & Angling Writer
Angling Fly Casting and Fly Tying Instructor and Pro Guide.

This is the undisputed best Game Angling and Fly Tying Show in all of Ireland, not to be missed.

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