Brendan Garland – Ireland



Fly fishing from the age of 8,  Brendan has for the past 10 years been concentrating  on the pursuit of Atlantic Salmon. He has travelled near and far catching hundreds of Salmon many of them on the Russian rivers of Kharlovka, Eastern Litza, Varzuga, Kitza and Yokanga.
Brendans 22lb12 ounce fish from the Yokanga.

In Ireland he fishes the rivers Mourne, Finn, Derg, Roe and Moy.
Brendan is a member of the Foxy Tails Team and will be tying this year at The River Mourne Guns and Tackle stand. He will be demonstrating the various techniques involved in adapting traditional flies and tubes for fishing on the largest Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world.

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This is the undisputed best Game Angling and Fly Tying Show in all of Ireland, not to be missed.

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