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Bobby Bryans hails from Belfast. He started fly fishing as a boy and never stopped angling on many local waters. He has now travelled to fish many places in the world. Including Russia, Argentina, Alaska, Canada , Scotland and of course Ireland north and south.
He has a true passion for all aspects of the sport. He now fishes predominantly for salmon and trout on rivers and Loughs and also fishes for the Lough Neagh trout called the Dollaghan, which run into the Lough Neagh rivers to spawn and are fished for very similar to fishing for Sea trout. The name Dollaghan comes from the Gaelic word dulach that means swift running and the translation of Dollaghan means ‘run of fish’ or ‘running fish’.
Bobby has caught 1000s of these great trout over the years, with many being wild brown trout specimens, but his biggest to date was a massive Dollaghan trout of 20lb. This colossal fish is one of the biggest ever recorded to be taken on a fly. Bobby is one of the top anglers in N.Ireland for Dollaghan fishing, but he is also a talented all round angler, that catches consistently no matter where he is fishing as Bobby is equally at home on a river, Lough or Stillwater.
Bobby had the first article ever published on Dollaghan flies in Trout & Salmon many years ago in the 1980s. Stevie Munn has also published Bobby’s flies in various articles and rates Bobby’s “ Fox Fly” as one of the greatest Dollaghan he has ever used. This pattern also appears in the illustrious book, An Encyclopaedia of Fishing Flies by Malcolm Greenhalgh. Bobby also dresses a range of flies he calls “Bad Boys” that incorporate UV characteristics.
Bobby will be dressing flies for Dollaghan and also some great flies for salmon. Please give him a warm welcome at the fair.
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