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Bjarne Laursen - Denmark

Bjarne Laursen


Been tying flies for 25 years, I have been tying most types of flies. Today my main type of flies are salmon, seatrout (both freshwater and saltwater). We are in Denmark lucky to have a brilliant good saltwater fishing for seatrout, which gives a Danish way to do many saltwater flies originally designed for tropic saltwater fishing.

My approach to flying is that it should be simple and use the small things that tricks the fish. My salmon flies are one big mess of scandi-style, zonkers, shrimps, pasific-style, I’m trying to use whatever do the job at a given time. Always playing with new materials or combo of materials. At the 8th Irish Fly Fair, I’ll be focusing on zonkers and composite loops for salmon flies and seatrout flies for saltwater and how to mix those technics.
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